It is important that lessons are learned from the significant demand seen at the first tyre bring centre last weekend for upcoming centres to cope, according to MEP Deirdre Clune.

A farm tyre bring centre has been set up for Wexford, in New Ross Mart on October 9, and Tipperary, at Gortdrum Mines on October 20.

However, there were reported tailbacks of over 2km last weekend when the first one opened in Cavan.

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune said that it is important that lessons are learned from Cavan.

Clune said: “Farmers faced significant delays in bringing old tyres to the recycle point in Cavan and lessons must be learned from this.

There are three more open in October and measures must be put in place to ensure delays like those experienced in Cavan do not occur again.

“Over 450 farmers turned up at Cavan according to reports and this shows what a valuable service this is, but it must be done right.”

The MEP called on Minister Naughten to ensure that long queues don’t happen at upcoming Tipperary and Wexford collection points.

“This is a very important and valuable initiative by the Department of the Environment to encourage farmers to dispose of old tyres in an environmentally-friendly way,” Clune added.

I would also encourage the department to look at more ways in which it can facilitate farmers to recycle their tyres.

“The Department of the Environment offers great support to our agricultural industry, but this is one area that there is a clear demand for more centres to be made available.”