Significant numbers of farmers currently selling dairy breeding stock from the Republic of Ireland on Donedeal with prices ranging from €1,000.

“There’s no real expectation of selling cows or heifers in milk to milk producers in the Republic,” commented Peter Robinson, a farmer from Co. Westmeath.

“I have six young cows for sale at the moment and would be more than happy to have them certified for export to Northern Ireland. Most of the milk producers in this part of the world are over quota and do not need additional stock at the present time.

“Normally, I have no problem selling culled cows to farmers in this locality. But when it comes to milking stock, I would be expecting a fair number of calls from northern farmers.

Hugh Heraghty, from Fanad in Co. Donegal agrees. He has currently 24 in-calf Friesian heifers for sale on DoneDeal.

“I am expecting the bulk of the calls to come from northern farmers,” he commented.

“The heifers I am selling are all due to calve in early January. Yes, there is a bit of extra cost in getting stock certified for export. But it’s worth it. I sold milking stock to a farmer from Enniskillen earlier this year. With so many farmers in the Donegal area over quota, there is very little prospect of them wanting to buy breeding stock at the present time.”

George Smith milks 100 cows in North Co Armagh. In the past, he has used Donedeal to buy dairy animals in the Republic of Ireland.

“I am looking for a Friesian cross animal with and the ability to produce good volumes of milk from grazed grass,” he said.

“It has been my experience that southern farmers selling dairy stock are more than happy to have them export certified.”