There is positive news to report on the sheep trade at the start of this week, with lamb prices rising further.

At the start of last week, base prices for lambs increased by 5-10c/kg. This week, at some meat processing plants, further increases of 10c/kg have materialised.

While not all factories have increased lamb prices at the start of this week, some of those that have generally been slower to increase prices have moved to keep up with the pace of other factories.

Factories that were slow to increase prices for lambs last week have increased their offering for lambs by 10c/kg at the start of this week.

This is leaving base prices currently for lambs at €6.05-6.20c/kg.

Stay tuned for Agriland’s weekly sheep trade update for further information, including the latest on ewe prices.

Mart trade livens up

The mart trade for finished lambs has also livened up, with mart managers noting price increases for such lambs.

This brightening of the trade was seen towards the end of last week and over the weekend, with some marts at the start of last week not seeing any improvement on the previous week as some factories had held prices.

However, this changed towards the middle to the end of last week into the weekend.