May will be a wet month according to New Zealand long-range weather forecaster Ken Ring.

He tweeted that there is no rain expected in Ireland before May 5 and 6 however, only May 10 to 13 and 25 to 26 will be dry. The rest of May will be wet, Ken tweeted.

Earlier this month, he also tweeted that the month of April, apart from odd light showers in the middle of the month, the rest of April is likely to stay dry.

After the recent good weather spells the country has been having what does Ken think the rest of 2015 will be like?

Speaking to the Irish Examiner earlier this year Ken said that this summer will be sunnier than average and average rainfall overall.

He said that there will be a wide variance between the north and south, with the north having a drier and warmer summer than the south.

However, he also said to the paper that most counties will have a sunnier summer than average but that summer rainfall will be above normal levels in Leinster and Munster.

“The most precipitation for the whole country may be May, followed by August, with April likely to be the driest,” Ken said.

Ken says that 2015 overall will be drier than 2016 and 2017.