UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected the leaked UK proposals regarding customs posts on both sides of the Northern Irish border – but would not give details on what was in preparation.

Speaking to the BBC this morning, Tuesday, October 1, the prime minister said that the leaked proposals, revealed by RTÉ News last night, are “confused” and “not right”.

Johnson signalled that the leaks were out of date; however, according to the BBC, in a separate interview he conceded that some kind of customs checks would be necessary.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Johnson said:

As far as I can make out, from what I’ve seen of the response from Brussels and I think Dublin, they’re not talking about the proposals that we’re going to be tabling; they’re talking about some stuff that went in previously.

“But clearly this is the moment when the rubber hits the road and this is when the hard yards really are in the course of the negotiations.

“The difficulty really is going to be around the customs union and to what extent Northern Ireland can be retained within EU bodies at all.

“We’ve made a very good offer – we’re going to make a very good offer and we’re going to be tabling it formally very soon,” the prime minister said.