Cereals 2024 is being held in Bedfordshire this year and is little more than a month away, with John Deere being one company that is planning a strong presence at the event.

Visitors to the event are promised their first look at John Deere’s new S7 Series combines in the UK, as the company highlights a wide range of new products and updates that have been announced over the past few months.

There are four new S7 series models now available to tillage farmers, ranging from the 449hp S7 700 up to the range-topping 617hp S790.

S7 series combine from John Deere
The S7 series combines are are rated as 75t/hour machines and now come with tech from the top end S9 machines

These 75t/hour machines sit between the smaller T Series and John Deere’s largest X9 Series models, many features of which have trickled down to the S7 Series.

The new combines are also fitted with a new suite of digital technology which, John Deere claims, is designed to improve grain quality, operator comfort, and machine efficiency.

What is described as a premium cab is said to be a spacious and relaxing place to work, while the new automation features maximise crop quality while limiting manual intervention as much as possible.

Latest 5M Tractors

The new mid-range 5M series will also be making its Cereals debut, with a 5130M broadening the upper power class of the portfolio. This model has a maximum output of 135hp when boosted.

John Deere has also installed its PowrQuad Plus and Powr8 transmission options for the 5M Series.

The latest drivetrains allow operators to experience continuous pulling power with smoother gear shifts within the selected group.

5M series tractor
The 5M series was updated by John Deere in March, giving them more power and digital tech

Visitors will also be able to see the 8R410 tractor with stepless eAutoPowr – the first 400hp machine to gain the electric transmission and the ability to offboard power to trailed implements by cable.

John Deere announced the launch of three new 9RX models earlier this year, including what is now the world’s most powerful production tractor offering a maximum power output of 913hp, however they will, unfortunately, not be represented at the show.

John Deere Sprayers

There will be three sprayers from the company being demonstrated in the Spray and Sprayers Arena.

Two trailed sprayers, the 24m R740i trailed sprayer and 36m R962i, will be joined in the ring by the 340m self-propelled sprayer, being exhibited at Cereals for the first time since its launch at Agritechnica 2023.

All three have the John Deere’s own PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system, with its benefits including fast filling for a fast turnaround resulting in a higher work rate.

Trailed sprayer on road
The R9621 comes with a 1200 L/min pump and individual nozzle control

The machines also have Active Pause for quicker chemical filling, Fast Direct Rate Control with more than 98% application accuracy, as well as automatic filling, automated agitation and multi-mode rinsing systems.

The sprayers are said to have low running costs with no scheduled maintenance requirement and only half the moving parts of a conventional solution system.

Additional features include John Deere’s in-house developed Individual Nozzle Control system – reducing overlaps or misses to the minimum as well as helping reduce input costs – and John Deere ISOBUS control systems capable of variable rate applications, spot-spraying, documentation, and work planning with synchronisation to the John Deere Operations Center.