Illegal hare coursers hunted down by UK police drone

Nine hare coursers were arrested following a police chase involving a police drone in the UK over the weekend.

The incident occurred on Sunday (January 20) in Lincolnshire, England, where the activity of hare coursing is illegal.

Nine people were taken in by police, along with two cars and five dogs, according to the local constabulary.

Lincolnshire Police tracked the individuals suspected of coursing using a drone, later posting recorded footage of the event on social media.

The Lincolnshire Police Drone Team provided an update of the event on Twitter, stating: “Nine people came to Lincolnshire today to take part in suspected hare-coursing at Holbeach St Matthew.

“Unfortunately yet again they underestimated Lincolnshire Police ARV who chased them in their cars and Lincolnshire Police Dog Section who got them on foot. Nine arrested and five dogs seized.”

Source: Lincs Police Drones Twitter

According to Lincolnshire Police ARV – the force’s armed response division – the pursuit lasted for over an hour before the culprits were apprehended.


In Ireland, back in November, 43 Civil Defence volunteers completed a drone pilot training programme. This brought the total number of trained pilots up to 60 in the Civil Defence in 20 operational units across the country.

In particular, drones have assisted Civil Defence volunteers when An Garda Siochana has requested support from Civil Defence.


Hare coursing under proper regulation is legal in Ireland and is administered by the Irish Coursing Club (ICC) which is a body set up under the Greyhound Industry Act 1958, according to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Legal provisions for coursing enable the regulatory authorities to control coursing and reduce the attraction of illegal, unregulated coursing activity.

It is important to note that all greyhounds are muzzled during these coursing events, according to the service.