Lucy Carty, an Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA) member from Bishopstown Cork celebrated her 103rd birthday recently. She celebrated this occasion with a party that her family and friends attended. The party was held in St Patrick’s Hospital in Curraheen where she is a resident.

Lucy was born on May 28th 1910, the very same day that the ICA became an offical organisation after being founded earlier that month. Lucy has been an active member of the ICA for almost her entire life.

Lucy was originally from Wicklow and was the eldest of nine children. She lived in America for several years and it was when she returned home that she became a very active member of the community. Apart from the ICA, Lucy is also an active member of the Bishopstown Lions Club, the Bishopstown Thursday Club for senior citizens. She is well known in the ICA for her baking and hat-making skills.

Her motto is “get up and go, get involved in everything – and don’t be sitting at home grumbling”.

Lucy Carty from Bishopstown celebrating her 103rd birthday with M‡ir’n Cronin, nurse manager at St Patrick’s Hospital, Marymount Hospice, Curraheen. Photo: Declan Keane