The ICBF is reporting huge interest in its latest sale of bulls.

As part of the Gene Ireland Maternal Programme, ICBF is now selling 10 high index beef bulls that have fulfilled their semen requirements in stud.

These bulls were primarily selected based on their replacement index (milk and fertility). This is because the long-term objective of the programme is to reverse the decline in maternal traits, such as milk and fertility, in the national suckler herd and to help deliver consistent, measurable genetic gain in beef breeding.

To date, this has been done by identifying high Replacement Index bulls in pedigree beef herds and carrying out comprehensive progeny testing on these bulls.

The bulls being sold have undergone a rigorous selection process by the ICBF.

According to the ICBF’s Ciaran Costello it has received a lot of calls about the bulls with milk fertility being a key driver for many farmers.

He said the bull sale is a great opportunity for farmers to get into a high-quality bull in terms of its genetic potential particularly. He also noted that the ICBF is receiving interest equally from pedigree breeders and commercial farmers.

The bulls are sold through a tendering process which means following an inspection of the bulls, potential purchasers will submit a bid to the ICBF subject to exceeding a €2,500 reserve on each bull. Whoever has the highest bid on January 30 will become the owner.

For any questions call Ciaran Costello on 045-520796 or email [email protected]