Healy-Rae: ‘Farmers need an income – not gossip’

Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae said he feels that we are in a “critical time in Ireland where farmers need an income – not gossip”.

This comes after it was reported that Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Barry Cowen served a three-month disqualification from driving in 2016.

Deputy Healy-Rae said he feels as though “we shouldn’t be looking in the past for problems when we have plenty sitting in front of us”.

“He got his penalty; he suffered the law. What is more important is how he performs in his role as Minister for Agriculture.”

Rural Ireland struggling to make ends meet

Deputy Healy-Rae said that farmers are relying on Minister Cowen to “ensure they are not driven into the ground completely”.

Issues to do with Brexit and Covid-19 are what matter most to farmers, and they need “an income; not gossip” according to deputy Healy-Rae

“There are farmers in rural Ireland who are struggling to make ends meet and they don’t want to hear any of what is being said now. They want real issues discussed.

I would advise anyone involved to stop gossiping and get to work. We need the government to stay focused.

“We have enough to be dealing with without letting anything else get in the way.”

The Kerry TD concluded by saying that the government will be held accountable for not helping to save rural Ireland.

“We need to ensure that farming is fought for by the government.

“If it isn’t, then doors are going to close in rural Ireland. People have suffered enough already.”