Irish nutritional giant Glanbia’s Truly Grass Fed (TGF) Butter is continuing its “phased launch” into the US market, targeting shelf-space in a range of US grocery stores around the North American country.

In a statement to AgriLand, a spokesperson for Glanbia confirmed that the brand has been available for a number of months in select stores across the US.

“It was a phased launch which began earlier this summer,” the representative explained.

It is positioned as a natural premium brand for the market and is priced accordingly.

“It carries an RRP of US$4.99 (€4.52),” the spokesperson concluded.

TGF: Story so far

The Glanbia brand, which was launched last year, led to disagreement between the Irish company and some industry stakeholder groups relating to whether the launch would disrupt Kerrygold sales in the region.

Particular concerns were voiced by the IFA and ICOS regarding to whether price undercutting would take place following the launch of the value-added dairy brand.

Ornua also expressed concerns to the venture that it would “erode value”, stating that it “fundamentally disagrees” with Glanbia’s position.

In response, Glanbia said: “The Truly Grass Fed brand is not a direct competitor of Kerrygold – it’s targeted at a growing niche of informed consumers seeking verifiable claims on their food labels.”