Glanbia Ireland has announced its grain prices for 2020.

Members of the co-op will be paid a price of €160/t for feed barley and €181/t for feed wheat (including a trading bonus of €10/t and a co-op support bonus of €5/t).

Commenting on the announcement, Glanbia co-op chairperson John Murphy stated: “Glanbia Ireland and Glanbia co-op recognise the weather-related hardships that our grain growers have faced over a challenging year.

“This is reflected in the pricing, the level of co-op support and the intensive strategic work to deliver premium contracts and create new markets for the quality Irish grain supplied by our dedicated growers.”

Glanbia member-only prices with trading (€10/t) and member bonus (€5/t):
  • Feed barley – €160;
  • Malting barley – €187;
  • Contracted winter barley – €170;
  • Feed wheat – €181;
  • Equine (oats) – €170;
  • Standard food-grade oats – €207;
  • Gluten-free oats – €221;
  • Feed oats –€150;
  • Oilseed rape – €375;
  • HEAR oilseed rape – €403;
  • Feed beans – €210.

Glanbia Ireland added: “Glanbia is Ireland’s largest buyer and user of Irish grains with over 40% of the total grain intake delivering a market premium for growers.

Throughout 2020 further strong progress has been made on creating opportunities through a long-term strategy to develop premium contracts for growers.

“These include the doubling of the area sown to gluten-free oats, a High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR) project delivering new value-added opportunities and an early clear commitment to purchase all contracted in-spec tonnes of harvested malting barley.”

Bonus Explained

The composite price per tonne includes co-op support of €5/t and standard transport allowance for delivery to drying locations. Price is inclusive of the 2020 Trading Bonus Scheme of €10/t for members’ grain subject to minimum tillage input purchases.

Transport Premium

In 2018, Glanbia introduced a ‘delivered-in’ grain pricing model. This model means that all quoted or announced prices for green grain include payment for delivery to a specific drying location.

In other words, the base price quoted by Glanbia is centred on delivery to a drying location from a distance of up to 15km. It includes a transport premium of €3/t.

The further away the grower is from the drying location, the transport premium increases. The table below shows the transport premium and the distances. It is up to the farmer to organise the delivery of grain and pay the haulier.