Gardaí stopped the driver of a tractor at checkpoint in Co. Cork yesterday morning (Saturday, June 11) as it was deemed that the tyres on the vehicle were “unsafe”.

In a social media post, An Garda Síochána Southern Region (counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick), outlined that Fermoy Gardaí observed a “large agricultural vehicle being used with four unsafe tyres”.

“The condition of your tyres affects the safe handling of your vehicle and your ability to maintain control or stop in an emergency,” Gardaí stated.

The Facebook post, which has led to much online debate, added that the driver would be issued with fixed-charge penalties for the offences.

Gardaí said that the driver remained at the scene until the tractor could be “transported safely”.

Gardai tyres
Image: Garda Síochána – Cork, Kerry & Limerick – Southern Region Facebook page

Elsewhere, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) are appealing to motorists to take extra care as the number of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery using the roads increases during the summer season.

The appeal comes as farmers and contractors have started cutting silage around the country.

Both the RSA and IFA want farming contractors and other drivers to remember to be mindful of other road users, and to always be on the lookout for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Gardaí seek cattle owner

Meanwhile, Gardaí in Co. Cavan yesterday appealed to the owner of cattle found loose on a road in the county to come forward.

A post on the Cavan-Monaghan Garda Division Facebook page stated that officers “did a spot of farming” on the Dublin road on Saturday morning by rounding up the five cattle.

Gardaí cattle road
Image: Cavan Monaghan Garda Division Facebook

The officers then placed the animals in a makeshift pen beside Monaghan Electrical Wholesalers.

However, Gardaí urged the owner to “move fast” and claim the cattle due to the temporary nature of the fencing.