Three Galway regional branches of the IFA have called for the Executive Board of the IFA to step down.

Kinvara, Tynagh and Glenamaddy IFA branches all held meetings last night (November 26).

Speaking about the meeting in Kinvara last night, Chairman James Fahy said that members want a full clean out of the Executive Board and National Council.

He also said that the members of the branch will withdraw their levies from the marts, factories and co-ops, but will remain members of the association.

On the upcoming election he said that members think candidates should have two or three meetings in each county and not to be going around canvassing house to house.

Pat Whelan Chairman of the Tynagh IFA branch said that it was proposed, seconded and voted that the Executive Board resign.

It’s a terrible wrong what went on and there’s been no accountability.The general consensus is that we want to know when those salaries started being paid.

Secretary of Glenamaddy IFA, Padraig Rafferty, told Agriland that at last night’s branch meeting all members voted for the Executive Board to resign.

They also called for anyone with any knowledge of what’s going on to resign as well, he said.

It is reported that North Cork IFA has voted in favour of the Executive Board staying on in their positions.

A meeting on Wednesday night of the branch saw members vote 36 to 24 in favour of keeping the Board.

Agriland contacted Billy Cotter, the Chairman of North Cork IFA, but he was not available for comment.

At an emergency county meeting of Galway IFA in Athenry on Tuesday (November 24), a number of motions were put forward including that everyone who received Con Lucey’s letter last year to step down.

One man who attended the meeting in Galway said anyone who was aware of and read Con Lucey’s letter last year should step down. He said this was the start of the warning something was wrong and people chose to ignore it.

Anyone who knew anything and said nothing is guilty. They were on a gravy train and now the gravy train has derailed.

The call for the Executive Board to step down was put forward in Longford where Ballinalee IFA branch met. The branch called for all the Executive Board of IFA should step down.

Some 84% of respondents to an Agriland poll on the IFA pay scandal have said that the entire Executive Board of the IFA should resign.

The other 16% voted that they shouldn’t resign.

After over 17 hours of discussion and deliberations, Wednesday’s (November 25) IFA crisis meeting ended with the Board still intact and a presidential election on the cards.

Ahead of Wednesday’s meeting, a number of regional branches had called for the board of IFA to step down.

Over the last two days, Agriland has been asking its readers to have their say on the IFA pay controversy with over 1,000 respondents to each poll.