French farmers protest over low milk prices outside major milk processor

Some 400 French dairy farmers have blockaded the roads around Lactalis, the milk processor based in Laval, France, this week in protest against low milk prices.

The farmers have taken over the roundabout in front of Lactalis and have brought cows and tractors to the demonstration.

It has been reported by Ruptly that FNSEA, the French farmers union, has asked its members to protest for the whole week outside Lactalis.

The protesting farmers are also reported to have re-baptised the roundabout outside Lactalis, calling it the “roundabout of milk disgrace”.

Local news company France Bleu Mayenne tweeted this video of the first protesters arriving outside the Lactalis plant.

Sonia Denis, one of the protesting farmers tweeted these images of the protest, saying “we are ready! Defence of our profession, breeders, our families!”

The hashtag #Crisedulait, meaning ‘milk crisis’, was used throughout the protest with Agri53, a weekly agriculture journal, tweeting images of the demonstration throughout the day.

The FDSEA Finistere branch has tweeted t stop the downward spiral of milk prices, with an image of its members in a lorry at the protest.

Speaking to the local media, FDSEA President Philippe Jehan said that no Lactalis lorry will be allowed out of the factory until their views have been heard.