Fendt among the winners at Agritechnica

At Agritechnica last month’s Fendt were among winners at the showpiece event for farm machinery companies in Europe.

This year Fendt received a silver medal for newly developed modular flat-sealing hydraulic coupling.

According to Jürgen Knobloch, head of Fendt Hydraulics Development: “With this new system, we are entering a new era in the area of hydraulic couplings. The new coupling is not only environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it also permits extremely easy connecting and disconnecting.”

The new flat-sealing Fendt hydraulic coupling, which can be coupled under full pressure on both sides, prevents losses through oil leakage and therefore eliminates contamination of the ground through oil. Pressure loss, with its associated higher fuel consumption, can also be reduced substantially. Traditional hydraulic couplings are also very difficult to keep clean. It is almost impossible to prevent dirt from contaminating the entire system.

“In contrast, the absolutely flat design of the surface of the newly developed, flat-sealing hydraulic couplings permits easy cleaning and extends the filter change interval, since contamination through dirt is extremely low,” noted Knobloch.

According to Fendt, parts of the coupling inserts can be disassembled, which makes maintenance easy. Repair work caused by damaged couplings and connectors are an exception with the new system.

Knobloch commented: “With our system, customers can fit their hydraulic blocks with different coupling sizes to meet their requirements. In addition to the most often used ½-inch coupling, it is also possible to use ¾-inch couplings and the new flat-sealing 5/8-inch coupling. In this way, farming enterprises do not need to change over to the new system overnight, but can convert step by step.”

The screw-in inserts are available in different sizes and can be exchanged easily and conveniently. He said: “Of course, we have also taken the time-tested features of the previous hydraulic couplings and adapted them to the new system. For example, lever operation continues to provide for easy connecting and disconnecting without effort. The system can be coupled under pressure on both sides and break-away protection is still integrated.”

Fendt continues to offer the proven colour-coded connections for the new hydraulic coupling system. The coupling shield prevents mix-ups when connecting the hoses. “To guarantee that the coupling shield is connected properly, we have added centring bores to our new system.”

Making their debut at the Fendt stand this year was the new 800 and 900 Vario.

Fendt says in updating the two models they placed special emphasis on comprehensive driving safety and dynamics.

According to the company, the precisely coordinated drive train, increased driving and braking stability, further optimised steering behaviour and the numerous assist and safety systems make work easier for operators of the new Fendt 800 and 900 tractor series and impart a completely new driving sensation.

The machines have two different-sized turbochargers, which are connected in series, as well as an additional charge-air intercooler. They claim the new 6-cylinder engines deliver impressive dynamics, robustness and efficiency.

According to Fendt, twin charging optimises power output and fuel consumption in the low speed range. The cooling effect of the additional intercooler ensures improved combustion and fuel efficiency. The best overall concept includes sophisticated engine and transmission oil cooling systems as well as one-part steel pistons, which promise maximum stability and durability.