The current series of AgriLand’s new, cutting-edge, digital broadcast show entitled FarmLand continues tonight (Thursday, September 13).

On tonight’s show, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan discusses the EU Commission putting in place measures to give better opportunity to farmers in the food supply chain, and regulations currently on the table to tackle unfair trading practices in retail and processing.

The commissioner also provides an update on negotiations among EU member states to increase the agriculture budget.

ICSA Sheep Committee chairman John Brooks explains why sheep farmers are saying enough is enough on the issue of EID tagging.



He tells presenter Claire McCormack how the incoming measure of mandatory EID tagging will add another cost to sheep farmers and is of the view that the “only ones that will benefit from it are the meat plants”.

Meanwhile, Gurteen College principal Mike Pearson gives the low-down on the new 30-unit milking parlour recently finished by the college, highlighting recent efforts towards sustainability and efficiency made by the school.

FarmLand, which will air every Thursday evening, is supported by well-known agri retailer Homeland – the retail arm of Aurivo Co-operative Society Ltd.

Previous episodes are available here and here.