A number of key Irish farm organisations are to set aside their differences to form one ‘super group’.

Agriland understands that a number of farm bodies are currently engaged in a series of high-level meetings which will clear the way for one ‘all-mighty and powerful organisation’.

Sources close to discussions, tagged ‘Operation Why Can’t We Be Friends’, have indicated that an announcement on the new farming group will be made in the coming days.

As yet, it remains unclear which organisations are involved in the discussions. But sources have suggested it could change the way Irish farmers are represented for the better.

Agriland has also learned that the new group is set to be called ‘Farmers Acting Responsibly Together’ or FART.

It is understood that FART will remain focused on protecting the interests of Irish farmers and will contain a number of sub-committees.

These sub-committees will continue to focus on issues such as beef, dairy, tillage and sheep farming. The new grouping will also feature dedicated teams focused specifically on Brexit and the environment.

It is believed that the environmental sub-committee, which will make building a galvanised roof over Ireland a key priority, will be called the ‘Farming, Environment, Climate and Knowledge Information Transfer’ group – or FECKIT for short.

Meanwhile, news has just emerged that Government officials are currently examining the possibility of establishing a ‘Rain for Sunshine’ scheme.

Following the success of a trade mission to the Gulf States earlier this year, Government officials are looking at the possibility of importing sunshine from a number of countries.

The new scheme could involve the collection of millions of litres of rain water from Irish farms, which will in turn be traded for sunshine.

Although it is unclear how the rain water and sunshine will be shipped, it is understood that old, unused milk churns are being evaluated as potential transportation vessels.

Watch this space…