This week’s factory quotes sees prices for finished cattle remain at a similar level to last week.

Bullocks are dominating factory throughput figures as March 2020-born cattle are approaching the 30-month age limit to qualify for the 20c/kg ‘in-spec’ bonus.

Of the 34,780 cattle processed in the week ending August 21, 16,490, or 47.4% were bullocks.

Despite this, prime cattle remain a firm trade, with most processors quoting a price of €4.80/kg on the grid for bullocks this morning (Monday, August 29).

This would leave an R- or R= grade in-spec bullock coming into €5/kg at most factories this week, plus any breed bonuses where relevant.

Heifers are not as plentiful as steers, with larger numbers of heifers having been processed earlier in the year, as would be expected.

An additional 5-10c/kg above steer price is available for heifers this week with most processors putting forward quotes of €4.85-4.90/kg on the grid.

Cow price is remaining firm, with the usual variation in quotes depending on the processor and the location in the country. Plain P-grade cows are in no short supply but well-finished, fleshed, heavy cows are not as plentiful, and this is reflected in factory prices reported to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

U-grade cows are being quoted at €4.80/kg with €4.70/kg being quoted for R-grade cows. A flat price of €4.50/kg and €4.40/kg is being quoted at most sites for O and P-grade cows respectively.

Better-type heavy fleshed R and U-grade cows will secure more per kilo where regular suppliers are concerned.

Factory quotes for under-24-month bulls are also continuing a firm trade, with flat prices of €4.90/kg and €4.80/kg on offer for U and R-grade bulls respectively.

A flat price of €4.60/kg and €4.50/kg is on offer for O and P-grade bulls respectively

Finally, under-16-month bulls are being quoted at €4.80/kg on the grid.