A total of 500 Angus bulls with certain specifications are being sought by a Co. Wicklow based livestock company for live export to a foreign market.

Wicklow Calf Company has confirmed that it has “secured a job” for 500 Aberdeen Angus bulls. The bulls being sought after for export should weigh between 200kg – 250kg.

Collection of the suitable cattle can be arranged nationwide and farmers with cattle suitable for the contract can contact Wicklow Calf Company for a farm visit.

The following additional specifications must also be applicable to the livestock:
  • The bulls must be Angus on their card;
  • No ring worm on bulls;
  • All bulls must be tested.

Farmers interested can contact James on: 087-9238232; or Seamus on: 087-2547339; otherwise, contact the office on: 040-235257.

Walk-on; walk-off

Meanwhile, in a seperate news story, the introduction of a ‘walk-on, walk-off’ livestock vessel is the “short-term solution” to avoiding dairy bull calf price lows next spring – but long term “better collaboration” is needed between dairy and beef farmers to improve margins in this area, according to the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA).

Reflecting on last spring – a time when there was huge pressure on calf price – Pat McCormack told AgriLand his views on possible avenues to avoid a similar situation escalating during spring 2020 if current beef prices persist.

According to the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) some 1,380,000 dairy calves (heifers and bulls) were registered on dairy farms up to and including the week ending September 27, 2019.

Meanwhile, the most recent Bord Bia figures show that just over 189,000 dairy-origin calves were exported up to and including the week ending September 21, 2019 – with Spain and the Netherlands among the chief importers of dairy bull calves.