Electing the local lunatic is not good for Ireland – Michael O’Leary

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has said that the Irish electorate has not served the country well by voting for Independent candidates who don’t have sensible economic policies.

Talking about the General Election results, which have yet to return a Government, he said that voting for populist nonsense was rubbish.

“I have great sympathy for the politicians, the electorate has not served the county well. Electing the local lunatic is not sensible. We need to vote in parties that are capable of running the country for the next five years.

“Some people get elected and all they want to do is be in permanent opposition. We vote for people promising the most treats.”

O’Leary said Independents do nothing and are just grandstanders and that the worst governments Ireland has had were where they have been held to ransom by independents.

O’Leary described Sinn Fein economic policies are “absolutely crazy”.

“I would accept if Sinn Fein get a majority they should run the country, but I think they would make a mess of it.

“But we should voting for bankrupt developers. We need sensible parties with sensible economic policies. We need parties with sensible economic policies, not strangers promising us sweeties.”

O’Leary was speaking on RTE’s Countrywide this morning (Saturday) and also talked about his upcoming Gigginstown pedigree Angus sale, which takes place next Saturday.