€3,010 (€8.60/kg) paid for a weanling heifer at Castlerea Mart

Castlerea Mart held its annual show and sale of continental heifers and Belgian Blue weanlings on Thursday last (September 24).

The mart’s manager, Brendan Egan, reported a large entry of stock, that were met with a fine trade, with quality once again to the forefront in prices.

Brendan said: “The standout price on the day was €3,010 for a nice Belgian Blue weanling heifer weighing 350kg. Overall, the trade was very good for weanlings.

“The majority, if not all, of the Belgian Blue weanlings on Thursday made over €3.00/kg. Looking at the heifers first, the first prize winner, as we mentioned already – weighing 350kg – sold for €3,010 or €8.60/kg; the second prize winner – weighing 300kg – went unsold at €1,200, while the third prize winner – weighing 335kg – sold for €1,310 or €3.91/kg.

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“In terms of the weanling bulls, the first prize winner – weighing 320kg – sold for €1,560 or €4.65/kg; the second prize winner – weighing 405kg – made €1,510 or €3.72/kg, while the third prize winner – weighing 400kg – went under the hammer at €1,400 or €3.50/kg.

Sample Belgian Blue weanling heifer and bull prices: 

  • Heifer: 295kg – €1,190 or €4.00kg;
  • Heifer: 270kg – €900 or €3.33/kg;
  • Heifer: 380kg – €1,410 or €3.71/kg;
  • Heifer: 330kg – €1,180 or €3.57/kg;
  • Bull: 363kg – €1,300 or €3.58/kg;
  • Bull: 340kg – €1,220 or €3.59/kg.

“The continental heifers were also a good trade on the day. First prize winner in the continental heifer section went to a Charolais heifer – weighing 650kg – that sold for €1,580 or €2.43/kg.

“Good-quality heifers weighing from 475kg up to near 700kg made anywhere from just over €1,050/head up to nearly €1,700/head. There was was some super prices on the day.

Sample heifer prices:

  • Charolais: 420kg – €1,070 or €2.54/kg;
  • Limousin: 415kg – €1,050 or €2.53/kg;
  • Limousin: 490kg – €1,440 or €2.93/kg;
  • Charolais: 650kg: €1,580 or €2.43/kg;
  • Charolais: 735kg – €1,670 or €2.27/kg.

“Good stock are a good price from what I can see. Across the board, the trade is good and stronger than it was this time last year.”