Dublin Climate Gathering has this evening launched ‘Plan C’, a plan for a European, national and local action to build a new, clean, low carbon digital economy.

‘Plan C’ is the result of a three-day workshop in various locations across Dublin and will set out three plans for action; at European, national and local levels, feeding into the development of EU research policy, national climate policy and local community action.Co-convenor and Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan said: “If we are to build a new, clean economy that will ultimately be digital based, we need to include all areas of the community in making that plan. One of successes of the Dublin Climate Gathering was how we were able to include participants with so many different backgrounds to build Plan C.” 

Representatives from Google, Intel, IBM, Solarprint, NDRC, Facebook, Twitter and Siemens joined former Climate Adviser to the UK Government, John Ashton and Green MEPs, Rebecca Harms and Claude Turmes, along with representatives from the European Commission and Dublin City Council. Following an Open Call to join the Gathering, participants also included a number of second-level students and local community activists.

“We learnt over the three days how so many people and companies are now willing to start solving this problem. We need to focus and build on what is already working. There is no shortage of technological solutions available to us; the only question is whether we get the public support to deploy them quickly enough. To get there we will need a new form of politics. One that starts listening to people and that looks at new forms of collaboration with local communities.

“Young people will be at the forefront of change because they get this issue and the promise of new technology. We need a new form of economics and a new social contract that values the social and cultural benefits that will come from making the switch to Plan C. At its core it will see us eating healthier, wasting less, travelling lighter and being energy clever,” concluded Eamon Ryan.

Dublin Climate Gathering co-convenor, Claude Turmes MEP noted: “I have really enjoyed participating in this unique workshop. The Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament are very happy to be supporting this initiative and we believe we have both contributed constructively to and learned from the Gathering.” 

Dublin Climate Gathering is collaboration between the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament and the Climate Gathering and is designed to complement the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Assembly, taking place in Dublin in the same week.

Image: Courtesy Climate Gathering