Drivers of agricultural vehicles ‘not exempt’ from road traffic legislation

Drivers of agricultural vehicles “are not exempt from road traffic legislation”, according to An Garda Síochána, which has issued a reminder to such drivers to ensure that they comply with the rules.

Gardaí based in Co. Donegal offered the following advice for agricultural drivers:

“With harvest season now underway, Gardaí in Donegal are appealing to all road users to be vigilant to the increased presence of agricultural vehicles on roads.

“All road users are asked to be vigilant to the increase in walkers and cyclists at this time of year also and all are reminded to expect the unexpected.

Drivers of agricultural vehicles, including quads, are not exempt from road traffic legislation and are reminded that those operating them must hold and carry the appropriate licence for that vehicle whilst driving on public roads.

Helmets should also be worn at all times when operating quads, the Garda statement added.

“Agricultural vehicles are required to be taxed, insured and must be roadworthy, and have fully operational lights both in the front and rear.

“They are also liable to seizure in the same way that a car/van is liable to seizure for no driving licence, insurance, tax expired for two months or more, no test/NCT, unaccompanied drivers, etc, if detected on public roads,” the statement added.

Regular safety checks are essential on all agricultural vehicles and An Garda Síochána is asking all owners to play their part in keeping everyone safe both on and off the road.

This, the Gardaí noted, can be done by observing the following measures:
  • Use the flashing amber beacon at all times in accordance with lighting and visibility laws;
  • Keep tractor windows and mirrors clean to allow an unobscured view;
  • Keep tractors in good serviceable and road worthy condition;
  • Keep steering systems and all brakes working correctly;
  • Apply the handbrake before leaving the cab, remove key from engine and dismount facing the tractor;
  • Be mindful of overhead wires if operating tall machinery.

Continuing, the Garda statement said: “Cyclists are also reminded to adhere to the rules of the road, cycle no more than two abreast and as close to the left hand side of the road as possible.

“Suitable lighting must be used during lighting up hours and cyclists should ensure they wear appropriate reflective clothing during these periods,” the Gardaí concluded.