The deadline is fast approaching for genomic sample testing for stock bulls, the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) has warned.

Wednesday, May 15, is the deadline to return DNA tissue/hair samples to the lab in order to make the July 22 evaluation.

This evaluation is of particular importance to farmers participating in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP), the federation notes.

Where a participants stock bull is not genotyped and has yet to have a sample submitted, a sample must be submitted by Wednesday, May 15, for it to receive a genomic evaluation in July.

This will be the final evaluation to determine the eligibility of stock bulls for BDGP.

Where farmers already have a tissue tag or hair card for a bull, the tissue/hair sample should be taken immediately, and the sample returned in the freepost envelope.

However, where no sample kit has been issued for the bull, farmers should contact the ICBF immediately to order a hair card on: 023-8832883.

Hair cards must be ordered no later than Monday, May 13, in order for them to be returned by Wednesday, May 15, according to the entity.

Farmers can check the eligibility status of their stock bulls by logging into their ICBF accounts on the federation’s website.

To view this, once logged in, farmers should go to the ‘View Profiles’ dropdown option and select ‘BDGP Eligibility’.

Section 2 of the summary screen clearly shows the status of one’s stock bulls, according to the organisation.