Damp conditions in store over the weekend

Overall, the weekend’s weather will be generally mild, with very little frost, but regular patches of cloud and mist will prevail across most parts of the country, according to Met Eireann.

Drying conditions will be generally poor over the next few days. There will be a slight improvement later in the week.

Opportunities for spraying will be also limited over the next few days but better opportunities are expected early next week.

Today (Friday, December 21) will be a misty and mostly cloudy day. Patches of drizzle and fog will occur across parts of the country this morning and there will be the occasional bright spells in some areas.

Conditions will be blustery over south Munster and south Leinster, with strong and gusty southwest winds, but less windy elsewhere.

Rain will become more widespread across the country this afternoon and will remain persistent in places. Top temperatures today will range from 6° to 11°.

Tonight will be misty and mostly cloudy with some cases of rain and fog. Rain will clear later on in the night, with a few clear spells in places and just scattered showers. Lowest temperatures tonight will be between 4° to 7°.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will begin a breezy day with fresh and gusty southwesterly winds.

Some bright or sunny spells will be experienced, but cloudy misty periods will be circulating also with some showers.

Rain will occur mainly over parts of Ulster and along parts off the west coast, according to the national forecaster.

Drier and less windy in all areas through the afternoon. Top temperatures tonight will range from 7° to 11°.


A generally misty start to Sunday morning, with rain becoming persistent and sometimes heavy.

There will be some patches of fog in certain areas. Top temperatures will reach 6° to 8° over the northern half of the country. In more southern areas, temperatures will reach 10° to 12° where winds will be fresh and southwesterly.

The night will be cold over Ulster, with some frost and fog and lowest temperatures close to 0°.