A ‘virtual sale’ of high economic breeding index (EBI) weanling and in-calf dairy heifers was hosted by Cashel Mart in Co. Tipperary last Friday, September 10.

According to Cashel Mart’s Ray Hunt, the sale was “a huge success” and there was an overall clearance rate of 85% on the night.

Hunt outlined: “We had online bidders from all over the country and purchasers from counties including Cavan, Limerick, Laois and Offaly.”

The unique thing about Cashel Mart’s ‘virtual sale‘ is that stock never had to leave the farm until they were sold.

The sale consisted of dairy stock with an average group EBI of €170 or higher.

Commenting on the success of the new ‘virtual sale’ venture, Hunt outlined: “50% of the stock sold at the sale went to customers who did not view the stock.

“These customers were content with the videos and catalogues of the stock to make their purchasing decision.”

Hunt added: “One customer said: ‘I got to go out and view the stock and have a great chat with the farmer without having to have an argument about the price’.”

Lot 4 in the virtual sale was a group of 10 Jersey-cross spring-calving heifers with an average EBI of €221.

The heifers were described by the auctioneer as ‘The Rolls Royce’ of high EBI heifers and sold for €1,720 each.

Lot 4: 10 JEX spring-calving heifers. Average EBI €221. These 10 heifers sold for €1,720 each

Next was Lot 3B which had a group average EBI of €224. This lot contained seven Friesian spring-calving heifers that made €1,680 each.

“We had a very strong demand for high EBI heifers, especially for those over €200 EBI,” Hunt added.

Spring-calving heifers sold from €1,460 up to the top price of €1,720 at the sale, according to Hunt.

Looking at the weanling heifers in the sale, the top price went to Lot 10 which consisted of 11 Friesian heifers with an average EBI of €219. These 10 heifers sold for €860 each.

Lot 11A was 11 Friesian heifers which sold for €830 along with 11B at the same price.

Weanling dairy heifers sold from €700 up to the top price of €860 at the sale, according to Hunt.

Cashel Mart is set to host its next ‘Virtual Elite EBI’ sale on October 22. The sale will be run in the same format as last Friday’s sale.

Concluding, Hunt added: “Cashel Mart is now taking entries for all groups of Spring-calving heifers and weanlings with an average EBI of €180 or above.”