Over 120 cull cows went through the ring at Ballyjamesduff Mart on Wednesday, October 13.

Speaking to Agriland following the sale, Ballyjamesduff Mart’s manager John Tevlin noted the cow trade remains “buoyant” with a continued strong interest in well-fleshed cows.

Tevlin noted an increase in the number of cows with calves just weaned and cows coming straight out of the parlour appearing at the mart ring.

He explained: “Plainer store cows coming off calves or out of the parlour are getting more plentiful in the marts at the minute.”

Sample suckler cull cow prices at Ballyjamesduff Mart:

  • 655kg Limousin €1,450;
  • 690kg Limousin €1,410;
  • 770kg Charolais €1,890;
  • 840kg Hereford €1,520;
  • 700kg Shorthorn €1,160;
  • 535kg Simmental €760.

“They’re a stronger trade than last year but prices have eased a little as grazing draws to a close. They’re still a good trade and the proof is farmers are taking them out and selling them while the trade remains that way.”

Continuing, he outlined: “Overall, cows are a strong trade. Wholesalers are buying cows with flesh for short-term keep as manufacturing beef is obviously a good trade and remains in high demand.”

Sample dairy cull cow prices at Ballyjamesduff Mart:

  • 735kg Friesian €1,080;
  • 720kg Friesian €1,020;
  • 655kg Friesian €800;
  • 590kg Friesian €690;
  • 525kg Jersey €610.

“Buyers seem to be willing to pay a lot more live than what equivalent factory quotes seem to be for cows at the moment,” Tevlin added.

Commenting on the weanling trade, Tevlin noted: “The smaller the calf, the dearer it is on a per kilo basis.

“Some farmers are opting to buy smaller stock trying to keep down in money and to have stock for grass next year.

“The stronger bull is being bought up for bull beef but on a per kilo basis, the smaller ones are coming into more money from the calf ring up.”

He noted that trade for store cattle is continuing strong with “great northern demand and feedlots flying for stronger cattle”.

However, Tevlin noted that beef-type cattle are beginning to tighten up in numbers and more store cattle are appearing.

“A lot of forward stores and beef cattle have gone through already this year with people taking advantage of the trade all year.”

Concluding, the Ballyjamesduff mart manager said: “Anyone that sold cattle this year got on well so they have money in their pocket and they’re fit to go back and buy the lighter store or weanling or whatever the case might be.”

Ballyjamesduff mart upcoming sales

Next Wednesday, October 20, Ballyjamesduff Mart will host a weanling show and sale for heifers and its annual Simmental-cross sale of breeding heifers.

There will be a selection of four and five-star in-calf heifers and an entry of calved heifers with artificially inseminated (AI) bred calves at foot also.