Beet crops got off to a good start around the country, but a few cold days and frosty nights left crops struggling and this crop which – was planted on April 11 – was now at two to four true leaves on May 16.

As a result of this harsh weather, TerraChem agronomist John Mulhare delayed a herbicide application. He chose to split the first herbicide application and apply 60% of the rates on both occasions.

The second herbicide will be applied seven days later. John was extremely happy with how the second herbicide application worked last year and so does not intend on changing.

The product mix will include Betanal maxxPro, Goltix, Venzar Flowable and Super Rapeeze oil.

Once again, John will split this application in two, but this time he will apply 50% of the rate each time, along with a full rate of oil.

John will hit the weeds with a second herbicide application this week

John expects to spray the first split of the second herbicide at the end of this week.

Second herbicide application:
  • Betanal maxxPro – 1.5L/ha;
  • Goltix – 1.5L/ha;
  • Venzar Flowable – 0.4L/ha;
  • Super Rapeeze oil – 1L/ha.

Last year’s beet yield

Having finished washing and feeding last year’s crop of beet, John is very happy with how it turned out. It yielded 29.6t/ac. He admitted it is nowhere near record yields, but considering the difficult weather conditions last year he was content.