CROPS WATCH: Disease present in spring barley…T1 due

Volunteer forage rape was under control in the field of spring barley featuring in this season’s CROPS WATCH series. TerraChem agronomist John Mulhare was back in the field this week to decide on the next steps.

On the day of visiting it was at late tillering and had benefited from an application of K2 with the herbicide application to even out the crop.

Low levels of disease were present in the crop and field history shows manganese deficiency, so both issues needed to be treated.

Disease control and trace element deficiencies

Disease control is straightforward. Proline and Treoris will be applied, and while mildew could be seen in the crop, the variety – Prospect – scores high for resistance to the disease on the provisionally recommended list, so John is happy to leave out a mildewcide.

The spring barley crop on May 16

Manganese Aloy was applied at the first spraying to ensure the deficiency was looked after early.

The field also has a high pH and as a result John prescribed Cereal Aloy to provide nutrients that may be locked up such as manganese, copper and zinc.

Magnesium deficiency is also showing up in the crop and SulfaMag will be applied at 2L/ha. John also noted that Treoris can help the plant with rooting and so this may help to combat some of these deficiencies.

The farmer will spray the crop in the coming days.

T1 application:
  • Proline – 0.6L/ha;
  • Treoris – 1L/ha;
  • Cereal Aloy – 1L/ha;
  • SulfaMag 2L/ha.

While not set in stone, the final fungicide application will most likely be Proline and Amistar Opti.