Christmas is just around the corner and you are not entirely sure what to get the farmer in your life. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of suitable gifts that you can get in the final days before Christmas.

However, be careful these gifts will distinguish the ‘wanna be farmers’ from the ‘real deal’ and the look of joy or disappointment on Christmas morning will be the clearest indication of the receiver’s farming pedigree!

Waterproof Gear – A practical Christmas gift for any farmer

There are only two things guaranteed in life, death and taxes, but in Ireland, we can make an exception and include rain.

Any Irish farmer will know the importance of a good set of rain gear and it can also double as an ideal Christmas gift, given the copious amounts of rain we have being having lately.

But any set of rain gear will not simply do, the product must be waterproof, windproof and breathable, and given these requirements has just the ticket.

The Hoggs of Fife – Green King Over Trousers costing €36 and the Green King Jacket at a cost of €69.50 are both of practical use and will double up as an ideal Christmas gift.



Grassmen DVDs – An Ideal Christmas Stocking Filler

There are very few farmers, whether they be young or old, who are not fascinated by machinery and, in particular, the machinery for cutting and harvesting grass and tillage crops.

As a result, a Grassmen DVD may be the perfect stocking filler for the machinery mad farmer in your life and they are available from the Farm and Plant Buyers Guide at €20 each.

Titles include:
  • Grassmen – Fulla the pipe
  • Grassmen – Keep ‘Er Lit
  • Grassmen – Sustain the Flame
  • Grassmen – Two Legends and a Donkey
  • Grassmen – Old School
  • Grassmen – Green Fever

The DVDs follow the progress of various farmers throughout the UK and Northern Ireland as they gather in both the silage and tillage harvests.


Source: Farm and Plant Buyers Guide


Source: Stradbally Farm Services

Source: Stradbally Farm Services

Given the hours involved, farmers ‘occasionally’ work in the dark hours of the night, whether this be calving a cow or checking sheep.

Therefore, one of the essential items required on a farm is a good torch or lamp. It is a gift you can guarantee will be used and it will not linger in the back room like last year’s DVD box set.

This torch (right) may be the ideal gift for the farmer in your life, and according to Stradbally Farm Services, the CLU10 torches unique design and performance characteristics makes it the preferred choice among farmers.

This torch also a has a 300m spot beam.

Charity Donation

Thousands of families in countries like Rwanda, Albania, Kosovo, Tanzania and Uganda have been lifted out of poverty by Irish farmers donations of in-calf dairy heifers and Irish dairy goats to Bóthar.


Source: Bó

If you think you might be in a position to donate either a dairy goat or an in-calf dairy heifer, it could possibly make someone’s Christmas.

Bóthar says it only exports the highest-quality animals and there are certain types that cannot be accepted.


portwest sock


Thinking of buying a gift for the farmer in your life? You can not really go wrong with socks, as the majority of farmers around the country will confirm.

Between the hauling, dragging, drawing and lifting, holes slowly start to appear in socks and there is nothing worse than cold feet!

Please, please don’t let the farmer in your life continue with cold feet this winter, and this can be easily rectified with a durable pair of work socks.

A three pack of Portwest Work Socks may be the ideal gift and can be purchased for €11.25 (including VAT). These socks feature a cushioned sole for wearer comfort and a durable reinforced heel and toe area.

Dairy Parlour Radio

Is your father/mother or significant other tiring of the rhythmic pulses of the milking parlour?

We may have found the solution and it may double up as an ideal Christmas gift for the dairy farmer in your life.

A Co. Kilkenny company,, designs and builds water and dust proof sound systems for the tough and demanding conditions found around the farm and in particular, the milking parlour.

These radio systems provide great sound, are very reliable and are built to perform and last whatever the conditions.

They also carry a two-year guarantee so you are sure you can jive, waltz or pirouette to your hearts content while you wait for the cluster removers to kick in.

farm radios


Baling twine

Anyone who has grown up on any Irish family farm will know of the versatility of baling twine. Its numerous uses range from gate hangers, a belt or, even in rare occasions, shoe laces.

However, the presence of this valuable material is becoming rarer and rarer on Irish farms due to the introduction of net wrapping.

But, as your parents unwrap a perfect roll of twine, please, please do not use this as justification for purchasing a roll of the finest blue twine as a Christmas gift.

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you will not think this way when you get no Christmas dinner.