The GLAS online application system closed for the creation of new applications last week with interest in the scheme said to be very strong.

In light of the large volume of applications on the system, the Department of Agriculture allowed advisors until on Friday (December 18) to finalise any which have not yet been submitted.

According to the Department, when the system closed on December 14 there were approx 19,000 applications created on the system with almost 14,000 fully submitted.

“It is clear that interest in the Scheme is very strong and that Tranche 2 is well on target to reach the forecasts set when I launched the Tranche,” Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said recently.

“I am particularly happy to see so many Tier 1 and Tier 2 candidates. As already indicated, applications from these candidates will receive priority when allocating places under Tranche 2.”

The Minister said the precise number to be offered places will be determined by reference to the environmental priorities set for the Scheme and the overall budget available, with an eye also to ensuring adequate provision remains for Tranche 3 of the scheme.

Minister Coveney had previously indicated that there would be 10,000-13,000 places available under GLAS 2.

The Department has also provided figures on the tiered breakdown of the applicants to GLAS 2. It says of the submitted applications 50% were Tier 1, 30% Tier 2 and remainder were Tier 3.


On GLAS 1, it remains the Department’s intention to make the first instalment (85%) part-year payment before the end of the year.

About 22,000 farmers have an October 1, start date and are eligible for a part-year payment for relevant actions in 2015. It says there will be a likely total payment of around €15m meaning an average payment in the region of €680.

GLAS+, however, will not be paid until the New Year, the Department says.