A rather large arrival was delivered on a farm in south-west Scotland last week when a cow went into labour on Meinside Farm.

Speaking to AgriLand, one of the farm’s staff – Thomas Woodman – explained that the Holstein cow in question was overdue “a short while” to a Simmental bull.

Thomas explained that when the cow went into labour, the farm’s staff soon realised the calf was in breech position and a cesarean may be needed to ensure the safe delivery of the much-anticipated new arrival.

He noted that the local vet was called out to the farm and confirmed that a cesarean would be needed and began operating without delay.

We didn’t know the calf was actually as big as it was until we got it out. We knew it was a big calf but we didn’t think it was that big.

The cow – with the assistance of the vet – finally delivered the calf, weighing in at just over 90kg and both cow and calf are doing fine, according to Thomas.

Calf registrations

Meanwhile, in Ireland, the number of dairy-bred calves born – so far this year – is up by over 62,300 head or by 9% when compared to the same period in 2019, figures from the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) indicate.

Beef calf registrations are also running marginally ahead of last year’s levels – up 13,124 head compared to 2019.

Firstly, looking at dairy calf registrations, 110,077 dairy calves were registered during the week ending March 6, 2020 – an increase of 8,768 head on the corresponding week in 2019.

Over 831,000 dairy calves have been registered so far this year – an increase by over 75,513 head when compared to the same period in 2019.

Moving to suckler calf registrations in more detail, during the week ending March 6, 2020, some 23,303 beef calves were registered – up by just over 4,800 head for the same week in 2019.

The total number of suckler calves registered so far this year stands at 126,565 head. In the corresponding time-frame in 2019, some 113,441 beef calves were registered – a 10% increase.