Brexit: Farmers For Action calls for second referendum

A farm lobby body in Northern Ireland has called for a second referendum on Brexit in a desperate bid to save the industry from a no-deal Brexit.

Members of Farmers For Action’s Northern Ireland arm say a vote would give the public a say on the future of the country’s relationship with the EU. However, they say a no-deal exit from the EU should be completely ruled out.

A spokesman said: “UK political failure is now causing hardship and stress for many businesses and people across the UK, Ireland and across the channel.

“The FFA understands that the EU will possibly only extend the Article 50 deadline of March 29 if it is combined with a UK referendum.

“This time FFA claims there should be two questions only:

  • Do you wish to remain in the EU with present and future UK Governments tied to pushing for reform of it? and
  • Do you wish to remain only in the single market and customs union with no seat at the EU table?”

The spokesman said that the “much-hyped” third option of completely severing ties with the EU is no longer a feasible an option.

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“Two years of debate has failed to validate this route as it would clearly devastate not only the farming and food industry but thousands of other businesses, it would make life difficult for many UK citizens who now have European family and friends,” he said.

“It would increase costs for those who wish to remain and those who wish to leave with no ties.

The leavers need to consider what make of tractor or car they drive and what make of household appliances they use, as those goods would rise in price substantially – particularly the spare parts to give one example.

“Lastly, we must never forget why close ties with mainland Europe were forged after the Second World War and respect the wishes of those who fought for freedom – that hard-won freedom that complete severance from the EU would automatically re-erect borders and strife yet again.

“Any borders that could be created as a result of Brexit would denote complete political failure, whereby the politicians responsible should never again receive votes for achieving such a disaster. Time to vote for common sense and progress.”