National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) is hosting Ireland’s second annual Biological Farming Conference – “BioFarm 2019” – on November 5-6, in the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise.

The motivation behind the conference is the need to discuss the increase in interest in biological or regenerative agriculture that is happening worldwide.

The two-day conference will be a positive, inspirational event showcasing the best of Irish and international farming practices.

World-renowned expert speakers will present innovative agricultural solutions that work towards mitigating climate change, regenerating soil health and carbon cycles, empowering farmers and creating food-security.

Facing into a deepening climate emergency, NOTS believes that showcasing innovative land-based solutions that can be provided by the farming sector is the most effective route to positive change.

A potential solution

NOTS network manager Sean McGloin argues that biological agriculture needs to be considered as a potential solution to many of the major agricultural climate issues in the future – while still allowing farms to be profitable.

International scientific experts and agricultural ecologists – backed up decades of research – claim that this farming approach has the potential to reverse climate change.

This would be done through regenerating soils to become naturally balanced – becoming highly productive while sequestering carbon in the soil.

Its focus on holistic management of soil and regenerative practices can be a win-win for all – with reduced inputs to produce strong yields of both crops and livestock with increased margins for farms.

The event is over two days, and will feature science and farming pioneers from Ireland, Australia, America and the UK – covering all aspects of farming enterprises.

Ireland’s Unique Regenerative Farming Conference

BioFarm 2019 is bringing together experts from around the world, covering all areas of agriculture in order to hopefully point people in the right direction in terms of how a change in farming systems can address climate change in a positive manner.

The conference is aimed at generating interest in an alternative approach to farming that combats climate change while increasing farmer margins.

It will include a line-up of renowned speakers – with Dr. Christine Jones of Australia confirmed as the keynote speaker.

Over several decades, Dr. Jones has worked with hundreds of innovative farmers, implementing regenerative land management practices to enhance biodiversity; nutrient cycling; carbon sequestration; productivity; water quality; and community and catchment health.

Other international speakers include: Steve Gabriel, USA, silvopasture author and agroforestry expert; Rob Havard, UK, holistic management and mob grazing specialist; Wil Armitage, UK, sustainable dairy production and soil/crop husbandry; Andy Howard, UK, no-till, cover cropping and reducing inputs; and Russ Carrington, Pasture for Life, grass-fed beef.

Andy Howard

Irish-based speakers include: Dr. Helen Sheridan, smart grass expert; Klaus Laitenberger, horticulture / organic grower and author; members of the BASE Group, on how regenerative agriculture has worked for them; Jim Cronin, organic market gardening and horticulture expert; and members of Pasture for Life, giving Irish examples of how biological farming approaches have had a positive impact on their farms.

Many of these experts will be speaking on both days of the event. This will include their own presentations in addition to taking part in panel discussions with other biological farming and regenerative agriculture professionals from around the globe.

Full details and further information

If you are interested in any form of agriculture – from grass-fed beef, holistic dairying, alternative crops, horticulture and arable – then this event is for you.

BioFarm will be showcasing new low-cost approaches to producing high-yielding crops and livestock that directly benefit farmers and the environment. Full details and speaker profiles are available on:

For more information, photos and speaker details, contact Kevin Fagan or Sean McGloin on: 071-9640688.