Big ‘coin’ for curious County: How much is it worth?

We’ve already brought you several reports from an auction involving what has been described as “one of the most important collections of classic Ford and related tractors”.

It took place in England last month – on Saturday, May 12.

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The collection was owned by tractor enthusiast Paul Cable. The auction – comprising 38 classic tractors and piles of implements and spares – was conducted by Cheffins.

Among the higher-value lots was this 1981 County 1184 TW (pictured).

The 1184 TW was launched in 1979; it mated a naturally-aspirated 120hp (six-cylinder) Ford TW-10 engine with a 7600 transmission and rear-end.

It replaced the 1174 model, which was home to a Ford 8700 motor, and was notable for its updated styling.

Long-wheelbase version

This example is one of the first of the long-wheelbase versions. The long-wheelbase configuration was introduced in 1981; it resulted from safety concerns over the previous version’s narrow cab-door (entrance).

The extra length was brought about by inserting a 10in spacer – essentially the casing of a County reduction box (without the internal gearing). This simply slotted in between the engine and the transmission.

This facilitated the fitting of a more roomy cab (with – thankfully – wider doors and improved steps).

As per other County creations, the equal-wheel configuration relied on a twin prop-shaft drive system. Not only did this provide ‘positive’ four-wheel braking; it also meant that the differential lock acted on all four wheels (rather than just the two at the rear).

The result was a tractor that churned out more power than four-cylinder models but was burdened with less weight than the likes of the 1474 and 1884.

Showing 5,159 hours and shod on Goodyear 16.9 R34 wheels/tyres all round, it found a buyer at last month’s auction. The hammer fell at a hefty £54,000 (plus VAT and 5% buyer’s commission).