Beef supplies hold steady, despite feed and weather concerns

Figures from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) show that the total beef kill for the week ending July 1 stood at 33,889 head – an incremental increase of 12 animals on the previous week’s total.

This increase was driven by higher numbers killed across the steer, cow and heifer categories. However, the number of young bulls processed decreased by 764 head.

Week-on-week changes

A total of 4,302 young bulls were processed that week. 511 (other) bulls were killed in DAFM plants, a decrease of 160 head or 23%.

11,127 steers were processed, an increase of 41 head or 0.4%.

9,038 cows came through the system, an increase of 587 head or 6.9%. 8,865 heifers were slaughtered; up 299 head or 3.5% on the previous week.

That leaves the total number of cattle slaughtered (including 46 head for the veal market) at 33,889 – an increase of 0.03%.

Changes versus last year

To date, 21,587 more cattle have been processed in the factories this year – up 2.6% on figures from 2017.

These increases are being seen primarily in the young bull, bull, cow and heifer categories. However, there has been a decrease of 780 head in the number of steers slaughtered so far this year.

The most notable increase is in the heifer category. On July 1, a total of 241,056 heifers had been processed in Ireland, as opposed to 231,390 on July 2 of last year. That’s an increase of 9,666 head or 4.18%.