The Beef Plan Movement has issued a statement outlining that any of its members found to be protesting at meat processing facilities “will be expelled from the organisation”.

The statement comes as the Beef Plan has strengthened its call for its members to continue refraining from protesting at beef processor gates around the country.

In a statement issued tonight, Tuesday, August 27, the Beef Plan Movement CLG reiterated that it has “unequivocally and unconditionally withdrawn all protests from all meat processor sites effective from August 9”.

The Beef Plan Movement CLG again advises that participation by any of its members in any protests at meat processors from this date will result in immediate expulsion from the organisation as this activity is being viewed as an act of gross misconduct.

Legal injunction threat

The statement comes just hours after the owners of up to a dozen meat plants were granted temporary High Court injunctions restraining groups of protesters from blockading their factories and intimidating staff and suppliers.

As well as this, over the weekend, the Beef Plan highlighted that the threat of a legal injunction still remains over the group saying “it is only suspended not withdrawn”.

Speaking to AgriLand last weekend, the chairman of the Beef Plan’s western region, Eoin Donnelly, said the Beef Plan has not resumed its protest in line with the agreement that was made with the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed.

Concluding Donnelly asked: “Is MII going to hold their threat of legal action over the Beef Plan indefinitely or what is the end point for that?”