Aurivo announces milk price for December

The board at Aurivo has decided to hold its milk price for the month of December, following suit with other co-ops for that month.

The co-op announced today, January 18, that it would maintain its price at 30c/L, including vat.

The Aurivo board acknowledged the more positive market environment in recent weeks, saying it will continue to pay the maximum price to suppliers that market returns will allow.

All co-ops that have so far released their prices for December have decide to hold their base pay-out.

Supplier representative groups had expected that positive market conditions would have allowed processors to hold, or even increase prices.

Aurivo’s announcement comes the day after Dairygold confirmed its price for December.

Dairygold held its offering at 32c/L, including a 0.5c/L quality assurance bonus, based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.

As well as that, Dairygold also launched their ‘Milk Sustainability Bonus’, which will be offered to suppliers who contribute to improved economic and environmental sustainability of milk production.

Last week, Glanbia also confirmed that its price was going to hold steady for the month of December, sticking at 32c/L.

Also last week, Lakeland announced that it would hold steady for December as well, on 32.06c/L, including vat and a lactose bonus.

Lakeland also confirmed it would pay an extra 5c/L Voluntary December Bonus to qualifying suppliers, based on peak-to-trough supply ratios.