Dairygold decides to hold base milk price

The board of Dairygold has decided to maintain the base price for milk supplied in December, which is inclusive of a quality bonus and VAT.

The price will be held at 32c/L, including a 0.5c/L quality bonus.

The price is based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.

The announcement comes days after the group confirmed a new bonus based on sustainable milk production.

The “Milk Supplier Sustainability Bonus” is apparently designed to deliver healthier herds and more productive cows.

A Dairygold representative said the purpose of the bonus, which was announced on Monday (January 14), is to improve both the economic and environmental sustainability of the co-op’s milk production base.

Suppliers who participate in milk recording will be paid an additional 0.1c/L under the initiative, and a further 0.05c/L for those who join the Munster Cattle Breeding Group’s Herd Health programme.

“Dairygold has always sought to encourage more sustainable practices at farm level with initiatives like the Joint Farm Development Programme, the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme and our Leanfarm programme,” said John O’Gorman, chairman of Dairygold.

The new Milk Supplier Sustainability Bonus continues our work as we aspire to have all our suppliers involved in both milk recording and herd health.

The sustainability bonus is available now, and will be paid out from the month the supplier signs up to the initiative.