Aldi confirms its attendance at next taskforce meeting

Aldi has become the latest major retailer to confirm that it will be in attendance at the next meeting of the Beef Market Taskforce in the new year.

In a brief statement to AgriLand, a spokesperson for the German headquartered retail giant officially confirmed that Aldi will also be attending the talks, scheduled for Thursday, January 9.

Yesterday, Monday, December 16, both Tesco and Musgrave Group confirmed that they would both be in attendance at the meeting of the taskforce.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “Tesco supports the work of the Beef Taskforce and has accepted an invitation from its chairman to attend the next meeting on January 9 to discuss market trends and quality specifications in the retail sector.”

Meanwhile, a Musgrave representative said: “Musgrave supports the work of the Beef Taskforce and has already accepted the invitation from its chairman Michael Dowling to attend a meeting scheduled for January 9, 2020.”

The Beef Plan Movement welcomed the commitments from the above retailers to attend the next taskforce sitting.

In a statement, Beef Plan expressed its thanks to Michael Dowling, the chairperson of the Beef Market Taskforce, for “his dedication and his unique ability to unite stakeholders and bring them to the taskforce table”, saying: “This has to be commended.”