A good deal of dry weather on the horizon

A good deal of dry weather is being forecasted across the country over the weekend with just a few showers of rain predicted while temperatures will remain close to average.

According to Met Éireann, today, Friday, June 28, will start warm and humid with good sunshine for Ulster and Leinster.

However, the national forecaster has predicted it will be cloudier across Munster and Connacht and there is the potential for a few thunderstorms to develop bringing heavy rain and the risk of surface flooding.

Top temperatures today will range from 22° to 27° generally but it will be cooler in southern coastal areas due to moderate south easterly breezes.

Tonight will see variable amounts of cloud around with the risk of a few heavy showers that could be thundery in nature.

Minimum temperatures tonight will range from 12° to 16° in light, southerly breezes.


Saturday will see a mix of cloud and sunny spells with occasional showers.

Occasional thundery downpours will be experienced in the east of the country on Saturday. It will be another warm day with maximum temperatures ranging from 20° to 25° in moderate southerly breezes.

Saturday night will be breezy with clear spells and occasional showers.

These showers will mainly affect the west and north-west of the country. Minimum temperatures on Saturday night will range from 12° to 15° in fresh south-west winds.


Finally, Sunday will be bright and breezy with sunny spells and a few passing showers.

Maximum temperatures on Sunday will range from 17° to 20° in moderate to fresh westerly winds.

Most areas across the  country will remain dry on Sunday night. However, a few showers will affect the west and north-west. Minimum temperatures on Sunday night will range from 10° to 13°.