Jeff and Alf Day 3 Highlights-6

Agriland has complied its top five list of hilarious PA announcements of 2014 and some of the best pictures that capture some of the key moments from the National Ploughing Championships.

1. “There are parents here looking for a child, he’s wearing blue jeans and a red jacket, that might be tied around his waist.”

2. “Try not to lose your mobile phone, we found a load of them last night. Be careful”Jeff and Alf Day 3 Highlights-1

3. “A set of reading glasses have been handed in”Crowds at the fashion show during the day.

4. “Could you collect your daughter from the guards on the field”gardai


5. “A woman has just lost her telephone and her whole life is in it”Jeff and Alf Day 3 Highlights-5