2,500L of green diesel stolen from agricultural contractor

Approximately 2,500L of green diesel were recently stolen from an agricultural contractor’s yard in Co. Kerry.

It is understood that the diesel was stolen sometime last weekend. Anyone with information is asked to contact Killarney Garda Station on: 064-6671160.

A spokesperson for Kilcummin Community Alert told AgriLand that thieves took the diesel from a yard located just a few kilometres outside the town of Killarney – in an area which wouldn’t be considered very isolated.

As well as the loss of the diesel, the theft has unnecessarily disrupted the agricultural contractor’s work, the spokesperson added.

He explained that this is the first time that a crime of this nature has been carried out in the recent past. But the spokesperson outlined that the Kilcummin Community Alert was set up following a surge in rural crime a number of years ago.


Meanwhile, agricultural contractors have this week called for the deadline dates for the spreading of both chemical fertiliser and slurry to be extended.

The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI) is calling for both deadlines to be extended by one month.

As it stands, the closed period for spreading chemical fertiliser begins on September 15 – while the spreading of slurry is prohibited from October 15 onwards.

Given the current “unprecedented” soil moisture deficit levels, the FCI believes that ground conditions into early November will be suitable for the spreading of slurry – with “no environmental risks associated”.

The association is concerned that deadlines will come at a very busy time for agricultural contractors and that the stress of trying to keep up with the workload could lead to farm accidents.