Two supporters of the Beef Plan Movement who – according to a spokesperson for the group – were taking part in its “peaceful protest” have been struck by a tractor and a trailer.

According to the spokesperson, the trailer was loaded with cattle when the incident occurred on the approach to a beef processing facility near Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath.

The incident occurred yesterday evening, Tuesday, August 7, and Gardai were at the scene.

According to a spokesperson from Westmeath Beef Plan Movement: “The driver drove recklessly at speed through the crowd having no regard for their safety.”

The Beef Plan has said it is “urging Meat Industry Ireland (MII) to engage with its members and ask them to instruct their hauliers and suppliers to slow down on approach to the protest before another serious accident or loss of life occurs”.

Protester struck in Slane

In a separate incident, a man sustained serious leg injuries when he was struck by a vehicle while protesting as part of the Beef Plan Movement demonstrations outside a beef plant in Slane, Co. Meath, on the morning of Friday, August 2.

According to the group’s vice chairperson, Hugh Doyle, the farmer injured in Slane, has broken: two ribs; a shoulder; a hip in two places; dislocated a kneecap; and other internal injuries.

Despite the severity of the farmer’s injuries, he is said to be in a stable condition and – according to Doyle – has asked farmers “to continue the peaceful protest and not give up”.