There’s a new seed dressing on the block and it’s ‘vibrant’

Over the past number of weeks farmers and the trade have heard about Vibrance – a new seed treatment. Syngenta’s John McCarthy gave a run down of the product at the recent Seedtech and Syngenta Open Day in Co. Waterford.

The product, which contains the active ingredient Sedaxane – which is an SDHI – can be used on wheat, barley and oats. While Vibrance provides control of the key establishment diseases it also claims to provide improved crop establishment and improved root health.

John McCarthy speaking at the Seedtech and Syngenta open day recently

Active ingredients

Vibrance Duo will be used on wheat crops and contains two active ingredients – sedaxane and fludioxonil.

Vibrance Star which is suitable for barley crops contains three active ingredients – seaxane; fludioxonil; and triticonazole.

Disease control and improved establishment

John explained that both seed treatments have contact, systemic and soil borne activity.

Speaking about the product John stated: “There are no gaps in the spectrum. It controls all of the key pathogens.”

He added that the product has bio-stimulant activity.

What this product does is stimulate the plant as it’s developing. You’ll develop a stronger, more fibrous and bulkier set of roots.

“That then sets up the crop for better tillering and better plant mass; so you have faster establishment.”

John added that this faster establishment could be a help where drilling is delayed. Delayed drilling can reduce the incidence of plant diseases and barley yellow dwarf virus and is a useful tool which farmer use as part of their integrated pest management strategy.

Very importantly Syngenta reported an increased yield response. From 106 trials carried out in the UK wheat crops treated with Vibrance Duo saw yield increases from 0.23t/ha to over 0.5t/ha against the current standard seed treatments.

A similar response was seen on barley crops. However, on barley crops speed of emergence was not as quick.