A status-yellow weather advisory – for fog or freezing fog – has been announced by Met Éireann for the south and east of the country.

The fog-warning period is in place from 8:00p.m on Wednesday, January 12 until 12:00p.m on Thursday, January 13.

“Fog, or freezing fog, will develop this evening, becoming dense in parts of Munster and Leinster overnight leading to impaired visibility and hazardous driving conditions,” the national weather service said.

On Thursday, January 13, fog will be slow to lift and may linger locally beyond the warning period, it added.

Agri weather – rainfall

Over the coming seven days, little to no rainfall is expected across much of the country, Met Éireann has reported.

Coastal areas along the west and south are the exception, however – where the values are still well below average – with 10-20% of average rainfall accumulations expected.

Fewer than 10mm of rainfall is expected countrywide with much of the midlands and east likely to have fewer than 2mm of rainfall.


Air temperatures were within 1oC above and below normal over the past week. Mean values ranged between 4-7.3oC. Oak Park, Co Carlow saw the largest deviation being 0.9oC below average with a mean of 4.7oC.

Over the coming week, mean temperatures over much of the country will be near average or a degree or two above, with the higher mean temperatures expected in coastal fringes of the northwest, west and south.

Soil temperatures over the past seven days ranged from 3.9oC in the east to 7.5oC in the west, corresponding to 0.4oC below average in the east to 2oC above average in the west. There will be little change in soil temperatures over the coming week.


There has been a nice amount of sunny weather over the last week but there is uncertainty on the way as, under generally slack winds, mist and fog may persist in some parts, reducing sunshine hours.

However, where breezes pick up, near western and northern coasts, clearing any risk of fog, sunshine values will likely be above average for this time of year.