Win a Pottinger tedder in AgriLand’s Farm Free Competition

AgriLand is once again delighted to offer farmers the opportunity to farm free for a year. Now in its third year, our Farm Free Competition has grown to be even bigger than ever.

The winner of this year’s competition will take home a whole host of prizes; including a brand new tedder from Pottinger Ireland – for keeps.

The lucky winner will be presented with a Pottinger HIT 6.61 tedder – a six-rotor machine for farmers who “value specifications and ease-of-use”.

One of the key features of the tedder is the addition of the DYNATECH rotor unit. This, the company claims, guarantees a clean a tidy operation. Each rotor on the HIT 6.61 has a diameter of 1.3m and is fitted with five swept-back arms.

This, Pottinger claims, ensures the best spreading quality and perfect ground tracking. Furthermore, the swept-back shape of the arms means that the crop cannot snag; reducing the risk of forage wrapping around the rotor and causing delays in the field.

The company said: “Forage is picked up more easily and is subjected to less of a beating between the tine arms, meaning lower losses due to disintegration.”

With a working width of 6m, the tedder, Pottinger says, requires just 40hp to operate and achieves an even spreading pattern. The tedder weighs just 785kg and has a transport height and width of 2.55m and 3.5m respectively.

One of the key features of the tedder, Pottinger says, it its short headstock; this brings the centre of gravity closer to the tractor.

In addition, the heart-shaped pivot pin ensures that the machine is in a central position when raised. The vertical point of rotation “reliably” prevents under-running, when working downhill.

A slotted hole works in tandem with a MULTITAST jockey wheel and rigid top-link. Pottinger says that this feature delivers the “best ground tracking”.

The jockey wheel guides the rotor over bumps and undulations in the ground. This ensures that the correct working height is always maintained. As a result, the company says, you can drive faster and achieve a higher output.

Practical touches, like a PTO shaft holder and an “ergonomic” hose-tidy, make coupling and uncoupling a great deal easier. A transport inter-lock flap ensures safe travel on the road.

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