Why protecting your cows prior to calving starts now

The focus on many Irish dairy farms is slowly switching to calving next spring. Given the pressures associated with compact calving, ensuring that your cows are in optimum health is crucial to achieving a successful outcome for both the cow and calf.

Numerous factors – such as body condition score, hygiene and parasite control – are necessary to achieve this. But one area that is often overlooked is the cow’s own immune system.

The immune system’s armoury plays a vital role in protecting the cow from various diseases and infections; any weaknesses may result in problems next spring – something no farmer wants to face.

The cost of a sick cow or calf post-calving can cost the farmer time, money and attention – things which are valuable on a busy farm during the spring.

Farmers must note that trace elements and vitamins play a key role in how the immune system works. To boost the immune system, farmers really need to consider supplementing with a feed additive during the dry period.

This is essential to minimise the risk of metabolic disease, improve energy balance and increase ovarian activity. Some of the metabolic diseases that often cause worry on dairy farms include: milk fever; retained placenta; metritis; mastitis; ketosis; fatty liver; and displaced abomasum.

Saving time and money with ImmuBoost Pre-Calver

The ImmuBoost range from Nutribio is a premium range of complementary vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements, which boost animal performance and farm profitability.

According to a recent survey of over 16,750 animals, a drastic decrease was shown in the incidences of metabolic disorders following the use of the ImmuBoost Pre-Calver range.

Use of the pre-calver range resulted in average annual cost savings of up to €810/farm in veterinary bills. By preventing metabolic disorders, you can save time and money from the high cost of curing once a cow or calf are affected by a metabolic disorder¹.

A farmer’s perspective

ImmuBoost Pre-Calver fortifies the cow and calf with necessary vitamins that may be lacking in the basal diet. Brothers Ivan and Steven Dawson experienced this with their 230-cow herd.

Their farm carries inherently high soil and forage potash levels, which result in health problems for their herd.

To combat this issue, Ivan and Steven developed a transition cow management strategy centring on the inclusion of ImmuBoost X-Mag Vitamin E Elite Pre-Calver minerals eight weeks prior to calving.

Ivan Dawson said: “We saw a remarkable improvement in the cows once we changed to the pre-calving management approach recommended by Nutribio.

“All of our cows are now calving down easily and will come into full milk very quickly. In addition, the calves are born with plenty of vitality.”

Additional benefits

ImmuBoost Pre-Calver is proven to support a higher-quality colostrum and better placental expulsion – giving both the cow and calf the strong start they need for a productive, high-yielding life.

The highly-palatable taste of ImmuBoost will ensure your cows consume the complete portion supporting a quicker, easier calving for the cows.

X-Mag Vitamin E Supreme and Elite Pre-Calvers contain generous levels of vitamin E and magnesium. This helps to activate calving and reduce the incidence of retained placenta and metritis.

The Supreme and Elite Pre-Calving minerals increase the ease of calving for all cows, including those cows with past health issues. This significantly reduces calf mortality.

Key ingredients include:
  • Vitamins D and E;
  • Yeast;
  • Selenium;
  • Iodine;
  • Magnesium (from multiple sources, which maximises bioavailability).

It’s recommended that ImmuBoost Pre-Calver should be offered to cows at least 60 days pre-calving.

Also available in the ImmuBoost range:
  • ImmuBoost Breathe Ez – (mineral lick) for calves and weanlings, containing natural respiratory-aiding ingredients;
  • ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb – (feed block) for ewes and cattle;
  • ImmuBoost Fertility Post-Calver – (mineral bag/lick) for lactating dairy/suckler cows;
  • ImmuBoost Calf Grower (mineral lick) for young stock.
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  1. *ImmuBoost Pre-Calver 2013 Customer Survey Results. Source: Ryan and O’Grady.