This interesting machine (pictured above) is from US-based company Mensch Manufacturing. It’s known as the ‘Manure Vacuum’.

Essentially, it’s a self-propelled yard scraper that sucks up slurry as it travels along. The slurry is subsequently transferred into the tank that straddles the length of the machine.

The big advantage, claims the company, is that sheds no longer need an “integrated manure handling system during construction”.

The manufacturer says that the Manure Vacuum can clean an alley in one pass – taking care of all necessary operations in the process. It’s typically aimed at large dairy farms in the US.

This video (below) shows the machine in operation.

The scraper head has a spring-based protection (centering) system, enabling the unit to survive the rigours of daily life (when working up against concrete passage-ways).

The scraper is also equipped with shear-bolts on the collection wings, allowing them to “fold around when striking an obstacle”.

Adjustable pressure

The amount of pressure bearing down on the scraper head can be adjusted – again to achieve a balance between a clean finish and minimising wear/damage.¬†The collection wings also have adjustable pressure settings, to enable the ‘skis’ to float along the curbs.

To unload, a full-length auger in the bottom of the tank can apparently cope with “all types of manure – from sloppy and wet to dry and pasty”.

Around the yard, the operator can select from either two-wheel or four-wheel steering modes.

Three versions of the Manure Vacuum are offered, with capacities of 2,200, 3,000 or 4,300 gallons.

Engine horsepower, depending on the variant chosen, is 220-240hp. The hydrostatic transmission can muster a top speed of 20mph.

Mensch Manufacturing is based in Hastings, Michigan. It sells its wares across the US.